An Academic Convocation at Vassar drew representatives from over 300 educational Institutions world-wide to conclude the centenary observances of the college. The day began with a procession to the Outdoor Theater of college trustees, faculty members, public officials, representatives of the board of regents and the state department of education, and institutional representatives.  Institutions attending the convocation marched in reverse order to their founding, with Dr. Frank K. Mosher, president of Rockland Community College, founded in 1959, leading the procession and historian Max Belof, professor of government in public administration at the University of Buckingham, England, concluding the line of march, representing his alma mater, the University of Oxford, founded in 1214.
In his remarks, President Emeritus Henry Noble MacCracken characterized the colorful procession as “a pious pilgrimage of scholars bringing tribute t this temple of learning.”  In the principal address, Radcliffe President Mary Ingraham Bunting ’31, speaking on the theme of "Cultural Evolution," urged imagination and innovation in educating the young around the world.  “It is indeed one race,” she declared, “and in countries all over the world, I believe, youth senses this and feels a loyalty to the human condition that far outweighs allegiance to any intermediate governmental groups.”     The New York Times