Vassar and the surrounding community celebrated Matthew Vassar Day, as proclaimed by Mayor Victor Waryas of Poughkeepsie and Town Supervisor, Thomas Mahar.  The festivities included a community parade in the morning (including costumed units and several Matthew Vassars) and open house for Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County friends in the afternoon sponsored by the Poughkeepsie Vassar Club.  The photography exhibit, “The Magnificent Enterprise, Education Opens the Door” was shown in the Aula; Noyes House, Ferry House, Chicago Hall and the Observatory were open to the public and campus tours were conducted by alumnae and student guides.  A movie, She Goes to Vassar, was shown in Chicago hall. The silent film, refitted with music by music professor Clair Leonard, was made in 1931 by filmmaker Mary Marvin Breckinridge ’27—as The Washington Post noted at its first showing—“to keep the alumnae in touch with the college, and to show parents…what their daughters will do at the school.”
In the evening, a centennial dinner for about one thousand people honored Vassar and capped the days events in the Field House of the IBM Country Club.  The college received an unrestricted gift of $29,550, from members of the Poughkeepsie community.