Accompanied by composer John Cage and under the auspices of the department of physical education, dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham gave a recital in the Students' Building.  The program, almost exclusively dances by Cage, included "A Diversion," "Short Suite," "Root of an Unfocus," "Totem Ancestor," "Orestes," "Experiences," "Mysterious Adventure," "Dream" and "Monkey Dances."  The music for "Monkey Dances" was by French composer Erik Satie.  Cage and Cunningham were participants in February 1948 in the Vassar Arts Conference.     The Miscellany News

Merce Cunningham also spoke and performed at Vassar in November 1954, May 1966, February 1967 and February 1972.  He spoke on campus about films of his dancing in February 1983.