The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of "Leonard Berstein, famous young American conductor," according to the Miscellany News, performed in the Chapel. Bernstein, the Misc. reporter noted, was the musical director of the New York City symphony, and had "won a firm place in the cultural life of Manhattan. . .  .As a composer in the fields of symphony (Jeremiah Symphony), musical comedy (On the Town) and ballet (Fancy Free), he is recognized as a musician of original and authentic talent."

 The evening featured Haydn's Symphony No. 102 in B flat minor, Aaron Copland's Danzon Cubano and Bernstein's Facsimile. "The program," the reporter concluded, "will end with Beethoven's Concerto No. 1 in C major for piano and orchestra. Mr. Bernstein will be both piano soloist and conductor in this presentation."