"Today Is V-E Day. Truman, Churchill, Stalin to Proclaim War's End. Germans Surrender at Eisenhower's Headquarters." The New York Herald Tribune

“The faculty of Vassar College on this eighth day of May, 1945, express their solemn thanksgiving for the end of hostilities in Europe, and for its final liberation by allied might of the United Nations….  Vassar College has been so fortunate in weathering the storms of five years that its sympathy and its help must go out all the more to the ancient universities of Europe, and to all the suffering, wandering millions, uprooted and distraught.  With deep determination to aid, so far as in them lies, the quest for human and international understanding, they declare that Vassar College, founded in time of war by a man or vision and courage, must face the challenge of peace with equal valor and steadfastness.     Faculty Minutes