President MacCracken, WAVES Lieutenant Commander Mildred McAfee ’20 and Major Julia Stimson ’01 of the Army Nurses Corps and president of the American Nurses Association spoke at the annual luncheon of the New York Vassar Club.  MacCracken assured the group that the college was at work training women for the nation’s present needs but also for the future, and he told of an alumna who owned a manufacturing firm who had offered the entire senior class jobs at graduation.   He added that the Vassar tradition of recognizing the value of the individual continued to guide the college.

Lieut. Comdr. McAfee—on leave for the duration of the war from her post as president of Wellesley—said that her transition to war work had convinced her once again of the value of an education such as Vassar provided, and Maj. Stimson asked all her auditors to aid in meeting the need for 31,000 more nurses in 1943 and 75,000 more in training for the future.     The New York Times