Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the second session of the Vassar College Summer Institute for Family and Child Care Services in Wartime, which opened with 152 adults and 103 children enrolled.  Her topic was “How Different Kinds of American Families are Meeting the Problems of Total War.”  She told of meeting many people on her travels who were struggling to make practical decisions based on the flood of suggestions about conservation, thrift, proper nutrition and the like during wartime.  When asked if she thought members of Congress up for reelection were spending more time on their campaigns than on the country’s needs, she replied, “It is very hard to divest yourself of the thought that the people at home are in fault.  The people should take the November elections in their hands and tell their Congressmen…what they think of them by their vote.  Candidates should be judged by what they have done in Congress in the past, not by what they will say between now and November.”

Mrs. Roosevelt was accompanied to the campus by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, who was staying at Hyde Park.  After the question and answer period, the Queen joined Mrs. Roosevelt and President MacCracken on a visit to Cushing House to meet some of the children attending the summer institute.