Speaking to a large audience of students on "The Structural Approach to an Understanding of Form in Modern Verse", the American poet Dr. William Carlos Williams acknowledged being accused of a number of "sins," including a lack of traditional form and even of intellectual content and a proclivity for denouncing academics—the concept and the personnel. "He knew all that," he told the students according to one of his biographers, "but he was still insisting on change, on a revolution in poetry. All the more important it was now...to create new forms if Americans were to live, if they were to 'have anything to return to after the international adventure of war.'" Dr. Williams enjoyed his interchange with the students, but although he found their responses to his talk perhaps more intelligent than most men's might be, he confessed to "'finding it always rather difficult to take the girls seriously enough except on the one topic!'"     Paul L. Mariani, William Carlos Williams: a new world naked