As a guest of the faculty-student emergency committee, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to the Vassar student body.  Acknowledging that the world situation faced women with pressure to do something of immediate usefulness, she asked her audience to remember first their continual contribution, as women in the home, the workplace and the community.  A great nation, she pointed out, functions by little segments, and women are uniquely placed in American society to sustain those segments, so that the overall national fabric remains strong.  “I know,” she said, “that many of you are anxious above everything else for return of peace.  You must prepare for that time.  You must make no compromise with cruelty, or greed, or any of the things you can’t believe in.  You must plan for a kind of peace out of which you can build a world, if you will work, which will not bring us again to where we are today.”     The New York Times