Thirteen year-old Christine Vassar ’47, whose great-grandfather was Matthew Vassar's cousin—came from London to stay with the MacCrackens for the duration of the war. Looking back after many years, she wrote: "The MacCracken family very much became my family. They were very good to me and I am still in close touch with my foster-sister and foster-brother. I did not see my own family for seven years. They were able to be at my graduation from Vassar in 1947. After a year at Columbia, I went back to London to live with them, but decided that my life was really here. I had very much wanted to go back after high school and was very hurt that my family decided that I should stay and go to Vassar. It was not until recently that I fully understood the reasoning behind their decision."    "Christine Vassar Tall: The Story of One British Evacuee," VCenecylopedia