One hundred students, 50 parents and 50 faculty members participated in a two-day Conference on Undergraduate Life co-directed by Professor Amy Reed ’92 and Ann Oliver ’35, president of the Student Association.  President MacCracken and Dean C. Mildred Thompson ’03 addressed the opening dinner.  Other speakers at the conference included: Warden Eleanor Dodge '25; Raymond A. Kent, president of the University of Louisville and father of Constance Kent '38; Professor of English Winifred Smith '04; Lieutenant Colonel Herman Beukema, professor of economics, government and history at West Point and father of Margery Beukema '37; Aline Bernstein '35, Martha Collins '35 and Betty Bliss '36. The conference was called to address three questions: What is the mature attitude in college life? To what lengths can freedom and personal responsibility be granted? What adjustments can be made between parents, students and faculty to make college life less exhausting?    

A second, similar conference was held in 1936.     The Miscellany News, The New York Times