Farrar & Rinehart published Vassar Poetry, a collection of student verse, most of it from the verse-writing course of Professor of English Edward Thompson.  "By far the most significant work of the book," a reviewer in The Miscellany News wrote, "has been done by Angelica Gibbs '30, whose quick observation passes into forceful form.  The vigor and cleanly sweep of "Songs for New York," the quiet irony of "Scarron's Epitaph," the beautiful mood and color of "Fourth of July," and the startling simplicity of "Perugino's Crucifixion," "Night Terror" and "Departure" make for a variety that shows a real poet's grasp of scene and situation."

The younger sister of New Yorker magazine humorist and theater critic Wolcott Gibbs, Angelica Gibbs published fiction and wrote book and theater reivews, profiles, fiction and essays for the magazine between 1931 and 1953.