In a discussion by college presidents in The New York Times, of remarks attributed to Dr. Charles J. Smith, president of Roanoke College, about modern girls’ lack of seriousness and “unconventional attire and habits,” President MacCracken responded that “distrust of youth is ridiculous.”

“The modern girl sees all of life that she can see.  She knows a great deal about her father and mother.  More, perhaps, than they know about her…. The girls who come here are serious about their work.  All of them are doing what they want to do most.  They make study a major sport.  It is the business of the instructors to see that students like this sport best….

“Faculties take themselves too seriously.  The members are apt to be pompous, aloof, inaccessible.  I am only an older brother to these students.  I am not here to criticize.  I’m here to help.  And the only way to help is to listen to what they have to say.”     The New York Times