Under the auspices of the Socialist Club of Poughkeepsie, Inez Milholland ’09 spoke about the radical methods of "suffragettes" in  England, where she lived much of the time.  “There are two camps of women favoring suffrage in England.  One is composed of suffragists, the other of suffragettes.  The first have been for sixty years ‘acting real ladylike,’ just asking for women’s rights, the latter demand and propose to get those rights….  So long as the injustice of one class ruling another is kept up, so long will the suffragettes keep up the fight, even if we have to do some very unladylike things in order to win.  Ridicule us and we smile, put us in jail and we are received with demonstrations when we come out, a fine advertisement of our cause all along the line.”   The New York Times