Abby Leach '85 Professor of Greek, received a gold cup from the Emperor of Japan in recognition of her services to education, the first such presentation made to a woman. In May, she had been a guest of honor at a dinner at the Astor Hotel given by Japanese Consul-General Midzuno.  One of the other guests was Ambassador Takahira.  The other guests were people who had received decorations from the Emperor, and Leach was told that he wished to recognize her similarly.

“The cup is of solid gold, very heavy, and of graceful design.  It came wrapped in a double square of Habutai silk, of a kind made only for imperial use, while the box is of chrysanthemum wood, which is also dedicated to imperial use.  Inside the bowl is engraved a chrysanthemum, the imperial emblem.”     The Evening Post (Wellington, NZ)