Reviving a tradition, the junior class gave a moonlight sail on the Hudson to the graduating seniors.  Travelling at the boat in trolley cars, the guests discovered on board a stage, complete with scenery and footlights.  The play was “a travesty of Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House,’ the story being adapted to college affairs.  It was called ‘A Poor House,’ and the Nora in Ibsen’s play was Bridget in the Vassar interpretation. The original story was cleverly satirized.

“The elevator boy at Vassar, angry because Bridget did not tip him while in college, brings her a lot of unpaid inn bills which he threatens to show her husband.  Her husband and she have a quarrel, and Bridget leaves him because his neckties are always crooked.

“Miss Ruth [Elizabeth Presley ‘09] did clever action as Bridget, and her imitation of Nazimova was voted a great success.  Miss Montgomery Cooper ‘09 as the husband was good, too.”     The New York Times