On a perfect May day, Vassar’s ninth annual Field Day saw five records set and one equaled. Evelyn Gardner ’04 set two school records with a standing broad jump of 7 feet, 7 inches and a running broad jump of 14 feet 6 ½ inches.  Helen Wood ’04 set a record for the running high jump of 4 feet 2 ¼ inches, Agnes Wood ’03 ran the 220-yard run in 0:30 3-5 and the 50-yard dash in 0:06 3-5, both new records.  Fanny James ’04 equalled her standing record in the 100-yard dash: 0:13 1-5.

The junior class was the overall winner, with 54 points to the seniors 36 and the sophomores 18.

Summing up the "Great Day for Records," The New York Times proclaimed, "History in American athletics is being made rapidly this year.  Saturday was a red letter day in every respect...and little consideration was shown for old records."  After noting record performances by athletes from Princeton, Cornell, New York University and Amherst, The Times said, "Mention should be made of the growing interest in athletic contests of all sorts by young ladies....  The Vassar girls held a regular field day on Saturday and in their record-breaking prowess they were fully as successful as their brother athletes."