On Class Day morning, parents and guest enjoyed a pair of basketball games, played by the teams from 1899, 1901 and 1902.

In the afternoon, class president Margaret Pinckney Jackson ’01 welcomed over 2,000 students, alumnae and guests to Class Day exercises, held at an outdoor site northeast of Main Building.  The Class of 1901, seated on a large stage and each holding a bouquet of American Beauty roses, joined class historians Elsie Cole ’01 and Lucia Cole ’01 in looking back at the last four years.  As they recounted events, the historians paused and groups of their classmates illuminated the tale with original texts set to popular tunes.  The address by class orator Letitia Jean Smyth ’01 was answered by a junior reply from Mary Bliss Dale ’02.

The procession to the class tree was led by 01’s outstanding athlete, Margaret Calhoun ’01.  She and her classmates were accompanied by 20 sophomores carrying a daisy chain—150 feet long and containing 30,000 blooms—made by the sophomore class.  After a reception in the evening, the sophomores serenaded the graduating class, as the seniors dropped roses from their windows.