A sneak thief caused a stir at Vassar.  Around 3 pm a well-dressed young woman entered Main Building and began asking students for directions to “Miss Nolan’s room.”  One of the students became suspicious and, seeing the woman leave the college grounds, she notified college authorities.  A search of the rooms she had visited revealed that an Elgin watch, numbered “126,553” and with the monogram “H. B. L.”, and a purse containing 50 cents had been taken.

“President Taylor rode into town on his wheel and notified police.  Officer Leroy reported having seen a woman of the description given board a train for New York about 5 o’clock, and the police believe that she was the thief.”    

The thief was apprehended in Kingston on October 7 and was identified as Ruby Livingston—also known as Cora or Catherine Simmonds—a former worker at the college.  An official at the college had seen her in May as she left the college grounds and notified the police.

The watch was found in Livingston’s possession and was identified by its owner, Harriet Bickmore Long ‘00.  The accused thief had left the college’s employ but had returned from time to time to visit acquaintances.  In retrospect, it was recalled that items were found to be missing after these visits.

On December 14, Livingston, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced to three months in the county jail.    The New York Times