Mary Florence Easton ’82 delivered the commencement oration and Jennie Patterson ’82 the valedictory address at Vassar’s 16th Commencement. The traditional senior debate featured Anne Cora Southworth '82 and Elizabeth Mehaffey Howe '82, who spoke, respectively on "The Perfidiousness of Alexander II" and "The Patriotism of Alexander II." 39 members of the Class of 1882 received the bachelor’s degree.

Among them was Stematz Yamakawa ‘82, who graduated with honors. She and Shige Nagai, who also came to Vassar in September 1878 and who finished her work in the School of Music in 1881, had been in the group of five Japanese girls sent to the United States in 1871, at government expense, to be educated in the United States. "'82 is unique," observed The Vassar Miscellany," in the honor of graduating the first Japanese student who has completed our collegiate course, and surely Japan could have no more skillful or graceful advocate than she possesses in the student we are so loath to lose."

Two alumnae, Mary Augusta Scott ’76 and Emma Laura Sutro ’77 received the second degree in arts, the master’s degree.    The New York Times, The Vassar Miscellany