Matthew Vassar noted in his diary: “Mem. of College matters yet to attended to:..Gass light-burners—Time-pieces—Bells or Gongs, Cabinetts of Insects—Ice House. Span College Carriage Horses & Vehicle or Coach—Floors Oiled—Beds&bedding—Gass Light in ‘Observatory’—Class Books for College.  Chemical department fitted up—Unfinished Masonry Halls &c.   Steps front Entrance—Building for Gynestic or Riding School.  Kitchen Department—Crockery and Cooking Utensils etc. &c. &c.   Gass House Roof strengthened &c.  Iron Railing—Gallery of Chapel—Cushions.  Ditto in Art Gallery.  Unfinished Roads.  Painting.  Coal.  Lighting Rods.  Stone steps to tours.  Water Hoses Reals & Hoses.  Equipment for Riding School &c &c &c."      Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, ed., Autobiography and Letters of Matthew Vassar