The prominent portrait painter Charles Loring Elliott was paid $1,404 for a commissioned full-length portrait of Matthew Vassar, now in Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center. The sum included $1,200 for the portrait, $200 for a walnut frame and $4 for insurance. 

Vassar noted in his diary a few days later: "Tuesday February 25, 1862, Meeting Trustees of V. Female College at Gregory House.  After Meeting the Members came to my home and examined Elliotts Picture."   Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, The Autobiography and Letters of Matthew Vassar.

Milo P. Jewett sailed for Europe to study the structures and curricula of educational institutions. He was absent eight months, visiting schools, libraries and museums in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Jewett's report, Vassar Female College: The President's Visit to Europe (1863) was circulated to the 28 founding trustees.

The Battle of Antietam, in Maryland, left 26,000 men dead, wounded or missing.

Abraham Lincoln issued his Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, freeing as of January 1863 all slaves in areas still in rebellion against the United States. 

“I am very happy to learn that you are taking so much interest in V. F. College Enterprize by watching its progress &c.  This day completes the roofing, our Edifice is now enclosed from Storms & Winds.”      Matthew Vassar to Maria Mitchell,  Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, ed., The Autobiography and Letters of Matthew Vassar