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The Hallie Flanagan Project

As February draws to a close, Vassar continues its Sesquicentennial celebrations with a new play commissioned by the Experimental Theater of Vassar’s Drama Department. Three performances ofThe Hallie Flanagan Project, an original play by Mattie Brickman, will run March 1-3 at the Martel Theater at the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film. Jen Wineman ’00 will direct.

The eponymous play focuses on Hallie Flanagan Davis, one of Vassar’s legendary drama professors and the founder of Vassar’s Experimental Theater in 1927. The Hallie Flanagan Project aims its lens at the beginning of her career at Vassar, as well as her time in Russia in 1926, on the eve of her founding of Vassar’s experimental theater program.

In addition to her role with the nascent Experimental Theater, Flanagan Davis was also known for becoming the first woman awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, for her “Living Newspaper” productions, for her pivotal role at the head of former Vassar trustee FDR’s Federal Theater Project under the Works Progress Administration, and – thanks to her time in Russia and her long-standing friendships with Russians – for her appearance before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

The box office (located at the Hallie Flanagan Davis Powerhouse Theater) opens February 1, and reservations are recommended. Each Experimental Theater production is produced as part of coursework for students, who both perform and work on the production crew, learning all aspects of theater. – PB

February 2011

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