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Vassar 150 Site: Add Your Vassar Memories

On January 18, 1861, the State of New York issued the charter for Matthew Vassar’s “magnificent enterprise”—the first fully endowed institution for the education of women in the country. January 18, 2011, officially begins Vassar’s 150th anniversary year, one the college is celebrating with its interactiveVassar 150 website shown below. It’s the go-to guide to Sesquicentennial programs and includes a detailed schedule of events, a timeline of selected historical events, an interactive photo gallery spanning 150 years of the college, and more.

Alumnae/i are encouraged to visit the “Memories” section of the site to share their stories about Vassar. The idea is to create a living history of the college by showcasing the stories of those who have passed through its halls.

Gerry Laybourne ’69, president of AAVC, recently submitted her recollections and notes. “It was a kick taking that trip down Memory Lane,” she says, “and I hope other alums will take the opportunity to remember and record significant or just plain old odd moments in their own lives at Vassar.  I plan to add more—and I’ll be funnier next time. It’s fun to make a contribution to our collective memory bank.” – E. Randolph

January 2011

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