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Photo courtesy of the MetropoliTones. Pictured: Friberg, Watson, former member Lizy Dastin (Wellesley ’05), Marvin, Kiel, Bianco, Wolff, and Lee. Not pictured: Dana Van Brunt.

Singing with the Sisters: The MetropoliTones

A recent call for auditions by the MetropoliTones, a New York City-based, all-female singing group, starts: “Do you sit in a cubicle daydreaming about college a cappella days? Do you have an unnatural obsession with karaoke?” Founded in 2001, the group is composed of graduates from the Seven Sisters colleges, and presently boasts eight career professionals—Wall Street analyst, archaeologist, psychiatrist, etc.—who share a love of performance. Six of the eight—Christina Friberg '06, Carolyn Kiel '98, Allison Lee '00, Kate Marvin '07, Dana Van Brunt '09, and Eliza Ruth Watson '05—attended Vassar, all having sung with either the Vassar Devils or Night Owls when they were students. The other members are Abigail Wolff, Mount Holyoke '82; and Lisa Bianco, Wellesley '94.

Allison Lee, who has been singing in groups since the age of 12, says the members’ motivations for joining range from wanting to maintain the sense of camaraderie with other women to the sheer love of a cappella grooves. Lee’s love of singing led her to join two Rhode Island choirs between graduating from Vassar and joining what she calls the “'Tones.” She says: “I think my life is much happier with music. I will do it, one way or another, whether it is in a group or by myself. I'm definitely an a cappella addict!”

December 2010

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