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Illustration by Chris Silverman

Vassar’s Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer Edition Now in Spanish

Vassar College’s groundbreaking Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer (ERBC) public health project is now available in both English and Spanish versions. ERBC promotes awareness of the substances in our surroundings that increase the rate of breast cancer. It draws information from hundreds of studies to provide detailed overviews of the scientific evidence. Its straightforward text, informative animations, glossary, and practical everyday tips help make the website a resource for people with many different levels of scientific background. The ERBC was initially published and distributed free worldwide on CD-ROM, generating more than 45,000 requests from over 100 countries. To maximize public access to its information, the ERBC shifted to a strictly online format in 2009. The Spanish edition represents the ERBC’s latest efforts to broaden awareness of environmental risk factors. Throughout October 2010, project director Janet Gray’s advice on breast cancer prevention will be featured in Spanish on the Daily Green website.

September 2010

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