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Our reporter, Baize Buzan ’10, second from right, celebrates 100 Nights

Baize Buzan ’10 Reports on 100 Nights

The 13th of February marked more than Valentine’s Eve, this year — for my own Class of 2010, it signified a grand total of 100 nights until graduation. Following the tradition of Vassar classes that have come before us, the Senior Class Council hosted the 100 Nights Party, sponsored by AAVC. It was the perfect way to handle the anticipation, anxiety, and general confusion about how to feel about graduating by simply pushing them aside and letting them go.

Mixing semi-formal attire with elegant 21+ alcohol bracelets, we convened in the library at 10:30 p.m. for a reception. The usual array of laptops and books found in Thompson was nowhere to be seen; instead, the central foyer became a social hub. Best friends and unfamiliar faces alike sipped champagne and spiritedly chatted above the jazzy piano melody that floated in the background. Lest we got too accustomed to weekend soirees in the Library, the party moved to the College Center at 11:30, where we were joined by underclassmen in the Villard Room for an all campus dance party, but we happily staked our claim to the MPR, which became a seniors-only zone, offering not only cake and beer, but karaoke, too. It was the first day of the next 100 days of our lives, and even though job offers, apartment prices, and grad school applications were the farthest things from our minds, we were welcoming our future with open arms. Could there be any better reason to celebrate?

March 2010

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