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"Point of View," by Joseph Aderson

Vassar’s Efforts to Help Haiti

In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, many organizations and student groups within the Vassar community have initiated relief efforts on campus and beyond. “Vassar’s connections with the country, particularly through the Vassar Haiti Project, are numerous, deep, and personal,” noted President Catharine Bond Hill in an all-campus email on January 15. Andrew and Lila Meade, founders and directors of the Vassar Haiti Project (VHP), joined forces with student members of the Vassar Haiti Project in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake to begin a drive seeking first aid and medical supplies.

On January 20th, the first day of classes, VHP began tabling in the College Center, selling Haitian handicrafts to support their initiative, as well as accepting donations on behalf of other relief efforts. Tabling continued through the end of January, with VHP donating 100% of funds passed on for relief efforts. But the opportunity to support the endeavors of the Vassar Haiti Project remains. VHP will contribute 50% percent of the funds generated from the sale of art purchased at their website ( and at their sales events to the artists; funds from the sale of art also go to support VHP’s ongoing efforts to increase access to education and health in the village of Chermaitre.

For additional information, or to volunteer with the Vassar Haiti Project, visit their website or

February 2010

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