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The cast of Fourth Floor Main with Lisa Kudrow '85

Fourth Floor Main Captures Slice of Campus Life

The College Relations and Admissions departments have teamed up to create Vassar’s very own web series, Fourth Floor Main, for the College’s YouTube channel ( Inspired by the antics and experiences of real-life student fellows, the series follows the lives of a fictional group of Vassar students living on the fourth floor of Main Building. Whether its characters are auditioning for an a cappella group or conjuring the spirit of Matthew Vassar by way of a Ouija board,Fourth Floor Main illuminates the ups and downs of daily life at Vassar with a sense of humor.

Seven current Vassar students are featured in the main roles, and many of the ideas for the various episodes came straight from the experiences of the cast. Two of the episodes, as well as the theme song, were written by students. One alum even got into the action – Fourth Flour Main includes a cameo from alumna Lisa Kudrow ’85, shown here with the cast.

January 2010

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