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Business Week Publishes Op-ed by President Hill

Looking for an affordable college education in tough economic times? Don't count out the privates. In spite of the turmoil in financial markets and the increasing concerns about recession, we know that families continue to look for the best higher-education match for their children, even as they worry about how to pay for that education. With the financial stakes feeling so much higher, families should be sure to look beyond a college's "sticker price" to the net price they could pay after scholarship aid. Not applying to schools with high sticker prices that offer significant financial aid could actually lead families to pay more for their children's education, not less. And, in the process they might rule out great college options for their son or daughter. (Excerpted from original article.)

President Hill has weighed in on this topic several other times in the past few weeks. On November 20, she was interviewed live on WNYC public radio's Brian Lehrer Show. She discussed how colleges are responding to the economic decline, including schools' commitments to financial aid and their budget strategies. And in a New York Times article on November 17, "Tough Times Strain Colleges Rich and Poor," President Hill commented about Vassar in a broad national story about how colleges are managing their finances during the economic decline.

December 2008

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