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VSA Sponsors Meet Me in Poughkeepsie Day

On October 10, 2008, droves of Vassar students, faculty, and staff journeyed off campus for the first-annual Vassar Student Association-sponsored event “Meet Me in Poughkeepsie.” Before the day, myriad VSA organizations planned unique and dynamic opportunities that students could elect to participate in, including visiting Storm King sculpture garden; ice skating at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center; Vassar cycling team-sponsored bike rides around town; serving lunch at the Lunch Box, a local food pantry; and more. The "Raymond Goes Latin" event, for instance, sponsored by Raymond House and its House Fellows Natalie Friedman ’95 and Chris Miller, featured an excursion to El Bracero, a beloved Mexican restaurant in town. In addition to enjoying a complimentary dinner, the 22 students who signed up were given the chance to learn from the owner, Honorio Rodriguez, about his experiences as a community leader and immigrant to Poughkeepsie.

Friedman, assistant professor of English and associate director of Vassar’s Learning and Teaching Center, said, "We were motivated to take Raymond House to El Bracero because many members of our House Team are of Latino/a origin. We wanted to raise awareness about the growing Latino/a population in Poughkeepsie, and Mr. Rodriguez gave us a sense of how much that community has changed since his arrival to Poughkeepsie in 1990. Watching him interact with our students, hearing them speak Spanish with him, really showed us that Vassar has grown more ethnically diverse, and gave the students a sense of connection to downtown Poughkeepsie. And the food was delicious!"

November 2008

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