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A Sampling of November Speakers

Teddy Cruz, architect, will deliver the Margaret McCurry ’64 art department lecture in Taylor Hall on November 12. Cruz's lecture is titled “Practices of Encroachment: Urban Waste Moves Southbound, Illegal Zoning Sips into North." Cruz's work as a designer is inspired by shantytowns along the border between San Diego and Tijuana. Read an article from San Diego Magazine.

Boubacar Boris Diop, Senegalese author, journalist, and screenwriter, will lecture in Sanders Hall on November 6. Diop’s most recent work is L'Afriquea-dela du miroir, published in 2007. Read more about Diop.

Phil Griffin ’79 (pictured), MSNBC President, will speak in Sanders Hall on November 18. As this year’s Executive-in-Residence, Griffin will speak on “Politics and the Media in 2008.” He has worked for MSNBC since its launch in 1996 as a producer and executive, most recently as overseer of NBC News’ Specials coverage. To read more about Griffin, visit his MSNBC profile.

Anne McClintockUniversity of Wisconsin professor, will deliver a lecture titled “Paranoid Empire: Specters of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib” in Taylor Hall on November 6. She is a professor of English and women’s studies and has written several books, including two forthcoming titles:Screwing the System: Essays on Sexualties and Skin Hunger: A Chronicle of Sex, Money, and Desire.

Rob Nixon, University of Wisconsin professor, will lecture in Taylor Hall on November 5 about “Slow Violence, Gender, and Environmental Time.” Nixon, a native of South Africa, teaches English and has published three books; his latest, to be published by Harvard University Press in 2009, will bear the same title as his lecture. Browse articles written by Nixon forThe New York Times.

David H. Reiley Jr., Yahoo! research scientist, will deliver the 2008 Martin Crego Lecture in Economics in Sanders Hall on November 3. His presentation is titled “Retail Advertising Works! Measuring the Effects of Advertising Sales via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo!” Reiley has advocated the use of experimental (rather than observational) research in economics. Read his Yahoo profile.

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