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Vassar Welcomes David Davis-Van Atta

This past October, Vassar welcomed David Davis-Van Atta as the new director of institutional research. He brings 13 years of experience as the director of institutional research at Carleton College in Minnesota to his new role at Vassar. Through surveys, data, and quantitative analysis, the Department of Institutional Research aims to have a greater understanding of Vassar’s resources and demographics. As the director of such a department, Davis-Van Atta will oversee the organization of all data and centralized institutional research in order to effectively inform the primary decision makers of the college on such issues as endowment, budget, admissions, financial aid/affordability, and overall assessment of the institution. Vassar has never had a director of the department before, and Davis-Van Atta is thrilled to be the first. “Carleton’s department is so well developed,” he explained. “There was buzz about this position [at Vassar] — the opportunity to be creative and make something that doesn’t exist was really exciting.”

In addition to the enthusiasm David Davis-Van Atta has for his job, he is also has a deep passion for lepidoptery, the study of butterflies and moths. He is a member of the North American Butterfly Association, and recently established a chapter in Poughkeepsie for the annual NABA Butterfly Count, which he is excited to begin this summer.

June 2008

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