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All College Day Brings the Vassar Community Together for Reflection and Interaction

The eighth annual All College Day took place on February 20. The day is planned by the Campus Life Resource Group, a committee of students, staff, faculty, and administrators, and has the goal of fostering open, engaging, and honest dialogue on matters of campus life and community. (Edward Pittman ’82, associate dean of the college, chairs the Campus Life Resource Group.) Everyone is encouraged to play a role and participate in the day’s focus, which this year was “Be the Change,” an outgrowth of conversations about the nature of change and how every member of a community can feel empowered to be involved in the process.

One aspect of the day was a blank mural placed in the College Center, on which all members of the Vassar community reflected on the day’s theme and expressed their ideas and thoughts. Other events included a lunch called “Soup and Substance,” which brought people together — over a bowl of soup — to talk informally about issues of campus community; President Hill hosted this year’s soup and substance lunch. The day culminated in a community gathering that featured exhibits by campus groups and performances, and a follow-up conversation dinner was held on February 27.

Last year’s event, which focused on college involvement in the greater Poughkeepsie community, helped to spark the foundation of a new Campus-Community Advisory Committee that has worked to assess Vassar’s community relationships. Out of that committee has come increased support for Vassar volunteers who work in Poughkeepsie schools and other institutions, the establishment of a downtown shuttle system for students, and work to improve the experience of visitors on campus.

March 2008

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