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Photo Credit: Scott Murray ’01

Art Professor Awarded Andy Warhol Grant

Molly Nesbit ’74, professor of art, received a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for work on her new book of collected essays,Lights in Buffalo, to be published by Periscope Press. The Warhol Foundation and Creative Capital have initiated a new grant, The Art Writers’ Grant, created to “promote critical discourse that is both rigorous and accessible, to foster innovation in arts writing, and to encourage writing that nurtures connections between art and the public at large.”

Nesbit’s book will address the “quantum shift in the media and visual pitch of our culture” that has taken place in the last 15 years—a shift as profound as the one that led to abstract modern art. This shift is moving away from the fine arts into new, ordinary media into a cross-cultural zone that is changing accepted ideas of form and explanation. Nesbit will attempt to find a language for this shift by discussing it “in the broadest way, as a shift in roles, in concepts, in objects” through a series of case studies.

December 2007

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