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Photo Credit: Daniel Brustlein, Portrait of Priscilla Morgan, oil on canvas, 1983

Priscilla Morgan ’41 Exhibition in Vassar's Library

Few people could merit the kind of exhibit that currently honors Priscilla Morgan ’41 in the Thompson Memorial Library. A Life in Art and Letters: Priscilla Morgan tells the story of Morgan’s life and career through photographs, letters, and art, and tracks her numerous friendships with such icons as Willem de Kooning, Saul Steinberg, Ezra Pound, Philip Glass, and Isamu Noguchi.

A onetime literary agent and lifetime devotee to the arts, Morgan has “become one of New York’s most formidable builders of human networks and spotters of artistic talent,” begins the brochure that accompanies the exhibit. Director Arthur Penn said, “I believe a number of artists would acknowledge that their lives would have been different if they had not had the good fortune to know Priscilla.” Born and raised in Poughkeepsie, Morgan and her family moved to New York City when she was twelve. She moved back to her hometown to attend Vassar, but left in her sophomore year to begin a career in radio. Before long, her influence extended to all reaches of the art world, and Morgan soon became the person who discovered scores of household names and served as an important contact for anyone pursuing a life in the arts in New York and beyond, all of which is brought to life in this new exhibit. A Life in Art and Letters: Priscilla Morgan contains the beginnings of a larger collection of Morgan’s papers that will enter the library’s manuscript archive after the exhibit closes in February 2008.

November 2007

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