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Wait List FAQs

Should I remain on the wait list?

If Vassar continues to be one of your top college choices, then you should inform us as soon as possible that you wish to remain on the wait list.  To accept/decline the wait list, please submit the Wait list Response Form online via your Applicant Status Page, no later than May 1. If Vassar is your first-choice school and you would definitely attend if admitted, please let us know.

If you intend to take a gap year after high school, you should not remain on our wait list. We will admit students from our wait list to fill available spaces in the Class of 2024 only.

What is my number or position on the wait list?

Vassar does not rank students on the wait list, and it is impossible to predict how many students will choose to remain on it.  After the May 1 response deadline, we will begin reviewing candidates with continuing interest in Vassar, but we never assign numerical ranks to wait list applicants.

When will I learn of Vassar's decision on my application?

The earliest you can expect to hear from us is in early May, and the latest is July 1.  Vassar, like most selective colleges, usually makes the majority of our wait list decisions in May.  If additional places open in June, we will continue our wait list activity.

What are my chances of being admitted from the wait list?

We cannot offer you exact odds on your personal chances of being admitted to Vassar from the wait list. However, we expect we will be able to admit students from the wait list again this year. Over the last several years, we have enrolled as many as 80 students and as few as none from the wait list, so at this point we cannot predict how many additional offers of admission we may be able to make.

Can I do anything to help my chances of admission?

As stated earlier, letting us know if Vassar is your first choice is a good idea. You may also submit additional information (new grades, new scores, honors earned, etc.) for the Admissions Committee to review if you wish. However, it is NOT a good idea to embark on a "campaign" to gain admission by soliciting numerous letters of support or asking all of your friends and teachers to call! Also, please note that admission officers cannot conduct interviews or individual meetings with students placed on the wait list.

Should I submit an enrollment deposit at my second-choice college?

You definitely should submit a deposit at your second-choice college by the enrollment deadline (usually May 1). In other words, make sure you have a place in a college for next fall. If you are subsequently accepted to Vassar, then you should notify the other institution immediately so that they can fill the space you have vacated.

If I am admitted, will financial aid be available?

Yes. All students who have filed the appropriate forms, demonstrate financial need, and are offered admission from the wait list will receive financial assistance. At the time the admission offer is made, students will be advised to contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine the amount of aid for which they may be eligible.

We know this is a difficult time for many students. We encourage you to discuss your admissions options with your parents and school counselor, and we hope that you will contact us if we can answer any questions or address any concerns.