Campus Employment

A campus job is part of every offer of financial assistance from Vassar College. Financial aid recipients receive an allocation for either Federal Work-Study (federally funded) or Institutional Employment (Vassar-supplied employment funds). The rules and regulations governing employment are the same, regardless of the funding source. Students with work study awards receive priority in the job registration process. After the first month of each semester, the remaining jobs are made available to non-financial aid students.

Jobs on campus cover a wide range of activities, such as shelving books in the library, office work in administrative and academic offices, computer center services, and faculty interns. Students with a Federal Work-Study allocation who are interested in community service work also have the option of applying for off-campus community service work-study (CSWS).

Students may work an average of eight hours per week, and they can anticipate earning about $3,000 during the academic year.

Learn more about campus jobs at Student Employment.