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Transfer Application Requirements

If you have already earned your high school diploma or GED and have enrolled at a college or university, you are considered a transfer applicant. There are limited spots available for transfer students and admission is competitive.

Application Checklist

  • Common Application and $65 application fee or fee waiver request
  • High School Transcript
  • College Transcript
  • Transfer College Report To be completed by someone at your current institution with access to your academic and disciplinary record
  • Transfer Academic Evaluation with a letter of recommendation from a college instructor. You may submit an additional recommendation from a second college instructor, high school counselor or teacher, or employer.
  • Transfer Mid-Term Grade Report if you are currently enrolled in college.
  • (Optional) Standardized Testing: We will accept the ACT, the Pre-March 2016 SAT, or the redesigned SAT.
  • TOEFL/IELTS: Only required if English is neither your first language nor the primary language of instruction you have used throughout secondary school.

Transfer Eligibility

There is no minimum credit requirement to apply to Vassar; you may apply as early as the first semester of your first year in college. However, students who have completed several semesters are generally more competitive candidates. For students at four-year institutions, Vassar does have a maximum limit for considering applicants: once you have completed more than four full semesters of college-level work, you are no longer eligible to transfer. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree are not eligible to apply. If you previously applied to Vassar as a first-year applicant, you may apply again as a transfer student.

Decision Notification

Transfer applicants for the Spring semester are notified of their admission decision in mid-December; applicants for the Fall are notified in early May. Admitted transfer applicants are expected to respond within two weeks of notification and to enroll in the semester for which they have been offered admission. Deferrals of admission to later semesters typically are not granted, except under extraordinary circumstances.

Exploring Transfer

For more than two decades, Vassar has offered Exploring Transfer, a program that brings students from select community colleges to our campus for an intensive five-week period during the summer. Students chosen for this program receive a full scholarship which covers tuition, fees, room, board, books, and supplies for the five-week program. If you are interested in exploring the type of education you would find at Vassar and are currently a student at a community college, you can learn more on the Exploring Transfer website.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer credit decisions are made by the Office of the Dean of Studies after a student has been offered admission. Vassar offers transfer credit for courses in the liberal arts and sciences which are the approximate equivalent in content, methodology, and rigor to courses listed in the Vassar catalog. We do not offer transfer credit for physical education (excluding dance), pre-professional or vocational courses, business courses, or other similar subjects. One Vassar unit is the equivalent of 3.5 semester hours of work. We do not give credit for any course with a value of less than 2 semester hours and credit earned by means of distance learning is also not transferable.